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The Economic Activity Zone
Dodano: 2011-04-15
About the Zone…

The town of Zielona Góra, bearing in mind the needs and the necessity to constantly solicit new investors and new locations for the existing Zielona Góra businesses worked out and opened the ECONOMIC ACTIVITY ZONE (SAG).


The clause 1.1 of the Resolution no LXI/709/02 of the Town Council of 1st October, 2002 has  a provision stating that the 2003 Budget Resolution of the town of Zielona Góra would provide for  financial resources for implementation of the investment project called “Building a road and providing infrastructure to the Economic Activity Zone” amounting to 1.850.000 PLN which would come from the town's own  income. The source for paying expenses, referred to in section 1 would come from the town's own income – namely, local taxes and fees. (item 2).


In 2005 the Economic Activity Zone was established in the area of the so called “Burnt down Forest”. The project that was meant to develop an extensive  investment offer on the area of 67 ha cost 30 million PLN, including PHARE financing of 11 million PLN. The Zone was fully  equipped with the necessary infrastructure, there were roads and side-walks built, water, sewage and lighting systems were provided.


On the area of 32,5 ha comprised by the Economic Activity Zone the biggest plant, namely the producer of timber products Stelmet is based.   The company has invested 440 million PLN in the Zone. The remaining area of the Zone is occupied by other  companies, producers of, among other things,  cosmetics and footwear, measuring apparatus. There are also a few transport, construction and lighting technology companies located there.


On December 29th, the members of the Zielona Góra Town Council changed the spatial development plan for the Economic Activity Zone along Trasa Północna in Zielona Góra.  The Economic Activity Zone after  the changes in the  plan has been offered more  opportunities, its area has been changed so that  now  investors could buy the areas  so far designed for production.  After the changes brought, it is possible to run “unusual” production services, such as operation of the European Monitoring centre – ITM Poland Ltd.


The area of the Economic Activity Zone also offers places for construction of modern facilities that will house custom administration offices, Custom Office and Custom Chamber designed especially for investors that deal in trade.  It is expected that the project will be completed in 2015.


The Economic Activity Zone has been divided into smaller plots allowing the offer to reach smaller investors.  The Municipality has prepared more plots for sale with the area of approximately 14 ha covered by the Kostrzyń-Słubice Special Economic Zone. These plots are designed for development of service, production , warehouse and storing facilities.


In 2011 the tendering procedures  for the divided plots in Gorzowska and Kostrzyńska and Międzyrzecka Streets were opened.


In Gorzowska Street 14 plots with  the area of from 2000 to 3000m2 are prepared for sale.  In Kostrzyńska Street 5 plots with the area of from 3000 to 7000m2 are offered whereas in Międzyrzecka Street the Municipality offers 4 plots with the area from 6000 to 10000m2 for sale.


Currently,  the Economic Activity Zone occupies  the area of 126,27 ha. 

ul. Władysława Orkana - 2 działki
Areadziałka nr 649/1 - 1 072 m2 i działka nr 649/2 - 827 m2
  • Destiny:
  • Status: actual
Chynów ul. Poznańska
Area4 711 m2
  • Destiny:
  • Status: actual
Area240 m2
  • Destiny:
  • Status:
Area736 m2
  • Destiny:
  • Status: